Most of Bugge’s clients operate in business-to-business markets. We help them sell their products and services to other companies, rather than to consumers. We’ve learned how to penetrate our clients’ technologies, products, markets, buyers, strategies, competitors, selling processes, brands and everything else that influences their marketing requirements. And to translate the insight we gain into relevant and effective communications.


There’s nothing subjective about effective communications

The funniest ad, the most beautiful brochure or the most elaborate mailing won’t automatically result in effective communication.

Effective communication must be planned, created and implemented the right way, every step of the way. You need to know:

  • What business purposes the communication must fulfill
  • What target audiences it must reach to make that happen
  • What effects it must have on those audiences
  • What messages will achieve those effects
  • How those messages need to be expressed to do the job
  • What channels will best suit the messages, the audiences and the budget


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